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iBookly V 1.2


iBookly Appointment Booking V1.2 Is Out With New Features & Fixes

We’re thrilled to announce the latest iteration of iBookly, Version 1.2, packed with exciting features and enhancements to streamline your booking process. Let’s dive into what’s new:

New Features:

  1. Custom SMTP Detail Functionality: Seamlessly integrate your preferred SMTP details for enhanced communication reliability.
  2. SMS Functionality: Stay connected with your customers by enabling SMS notifications for bookings, ensuring they never miss an appointment.
  3. New Bookings Design: Experience a fresh approach to bookings with our revamped design, catering to various industries such as:
    • Saloon Booking
    • Restaurant Booking
    • Doctor Booking
    • Resort Booking
    • Waterpark Booking
    • Car Service Booking

    Tailored designs for each sector ensure a personalized and intuitive booking experience.

  4. Timeslot Limit Feature: Take control of your schedule by setting limits on available timeslots, ensuring optimal booking management.
  5. Shortcode for Booking Display: Showcase your bookings effortlessly on any page with the flexibility of shortcode integration.
  6. Updated App Design: Enjoy a refined and polished user interface for an enhanced overall experience.
  7. POS Support Functionality: Streamline your operations with Point of Sale (POS) support, seamlessly integrating with your business processes.


  1. Timeslot Issue: Addressed and resolved any issues related to timeslots to ensure accurate booking management.
  2. Design Issue: Squashed bugs and improved design elements for a seamless and visually pleasing interface.
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