iBookly v1.1 - Squared Apps
iBookly v1.1 - Squared Apps iBookly v1.1 - Squared Apps

iBookly v1.1

iBookly V1.1 Appointment Booking Is Out With New Features & Fixes #

  • New: Added multiple slot booking feature, allowing customers to book multiple time slots at once.
  • New: Introduced a refund booking feature, enabling customers to request refunds for their bookings.
  • New: Added a customer panel in the storefront, providing customers with a dedicated space to manage their bookings and account information.
  • New: Expanded customization options by adding custom user fields, allowing businesses to collect additional information from customers during the booking process.
  • New: Introduced custom ticket fields, enabling businesses to gather specific details or preferences from customers for each booking
  • New: Displayed booking information in the cart and checkout pages, providing customers with a clear summary of their bookings before finalizing the payment.
  • Fix: Revamped the design of the booking widget for a more intuitive and visually appealing user experience.
  • Fix: Customize the duration of bookings in minutes, allowing businesses to offer more flexible time slots.
  • Fix: Currency display to ensure accurate representation of prices and currency symbols.
  • Fix:  Timezone issues, ensuring proper synchronization of time across different locations.