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Multiple Booking

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Multiple Booking #

In our Shopify app, creating a multiple booking is a simple and straightforward process. Let’s explore the features and steps involved:

1. Booking Name:

Give your booking a unique and descriptive name to easily identify it in your system.

2. Select one or more products:

Choose the product(s) associated with the booking. This could be a service, appointment, or any time-based offering.

3. Duration Time:

Set the duration of the booking. also, you can specify the custom minutes. Specify the amount of time required for the service or appointment.

4. Available Hours:

Define your available hours, indicating when customers can schedule their bookings.

5. Override Unavailable Days:

If you have specific days when you are unavailable, you can override the general availability and mark those days as unavailable.

6. Custom Questions:

Add custom questions to gather additional information from customers during the booking process.

There are four types of questions available:

Allows customers to provide a short answer or input.

Long Answer:
Offers a text area for customers to provide more detailed responses.

Radio Button:
Provides multiple-choice options for customers to select a single answer.

Presents a dropdown menu with selectable options.

7. Booking Display Options:

Choose the option for how you want the booking to be shown to customers:

Options 1: Popup
Display the booking as a popup window, providing a seamless and focused booking experience.

Options 2: Embed
Integrate the booking directly into your website or Shopify store for a cohesive look.

8. Hide Add to Cart Buttons:

Hide the add-to-cart buttons for the associated products, emphasizing booking as the primary method for purchasing.

9.  Multiple Slot Booking:

Allow customers to book multiple slots for a single appointment, ideal for group bookings or multi-session services.

10. Custom User Information Fields:

Collect additional information from customers by adding custom fields to capture relevant details.

11. Per Ticket Information Fields:

Gather additional information for each ticket or participant, such as name, age, dietary restrictions, or preferences.

12. Deposit or Partial Payment:

– Enable the option for customers to make a deposit or partial payment for their booking.

– Specify whether the deposit is based on a percentage of the total cost or a fixed amount.

13. Additional Services:

– Offer additional services that customers can select during the booking process.

– Include a title and description to provide clear information about each additional service.

And then Click on the Save button and your multiple booking is ready.